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May 10-13, 2024

I know there is a diamond deep, deep down in that creative spirit!!

 I hear almost weekly from fellow Creatives how they have become inspired by following The Painted Pinto's creative vision and seeing the transformation in every piece from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

 So once again I will be hosting the "Diamond In The Rough" workshop and I do believe this is exactly what we as Creatives are needing.   This workshop will be instructing you in the process of two creative techniques done The Painted Pinto way.  While attending you will learn how to prep and base coat an ordinary piece, preparing it for the transformation process for hand painting, along with creating a custom stencil, apply a gorgeous TPP decoupage paper and finish it out with antiquing and embellishment.


You say “What about upholstery???  Well hang on because you are going to experience the nail biting, cringing work of stripping down a piece that's ready for the dumpster. By the end of the workshop, you'll understand the process and be able to step back and say, "Wow is this what I've been afraid of?" You'll understand how easy it was with my simple upholstery step by step process.  

Diamond In The Rough will be an amazing chance to fellowship with like-minded Creatives and meet some of the best Furniture Creatives and Canvas Artist in the United States.  This will also be a "Hands On" workshop for you to be able to paint like me and get the fill of hammer to tack.


This years entertainment will be a little different we will be actually stepping away form the creative workshop and do a little bonding by digging for diamonds in America's only diamond mine!!  Craters of Diamonds State Park is a stones throw from our workshop and diamonds are found there on the daily.

 There will be lots of giveaways during this workshop also!!

This workshop will also include a scrumptious breakfast, hearty lunch. Sunday will start a country breakfast and a gourmet lunch mid-day, plus a variety of delicious snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Lodging can be purchased additionally if you wish to stay at the workshop location.  Accommodations will be for one assigned bed and offered at a very reasonable price and on a FCFS basis.   Transportation and Flights are NOT included in the price of ticket.

PLEASE come with an open mind and heart ready to meet new friends you will cherish for a lifetime and open your creative heart and mind to new inspirational learning.