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Welcome to The Painted Pinto Catalogue

The Painted Pinto is a luxury western home decor company with a one-of-a-kind hand-painted heirloom furniture, southwest home style, and perfect for your mountain lodge home. The ideal mix for your ranch homestead. With her background in interior design and home decorating, Jackie Strydom brings to life the homes she’s always dreamed of living in. She started her business by painting furniture on the weekends for family and friends but quickly realized that people loved them so much they wanted their own! Now you can find these beautiful pieces in homes across America.

Jackie Strydom has a talent for telling stories through her furniture. The art ranges from early American Western history, which she translates into a form of art onto her one-of-a-kind furniture.  "When designing I strive to create deeply flawed characters that are all too human and relatable," said the designer about "The Alamo" a queen bed and dresser designed by herself. This deepness is what makes these furniture pieces come alive as if they were living beings instead of representations on wood

The Painted Pinto line of home furnishings is all about texture and mixed materials. You'll find everything from textured fabrics to metals, Pendleton prints, and natural hides. Whether you're looking to add a touch of western style to your home or you just want something unique and eye-catching, these pieces are sure to impress. So saddle up and take a look at the Painted Pinto collection today!