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The Painted Pinto

Living Boldly Dining Room Set

Living Boldly Dining Room Set

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Envision your large family's Sunday dinners and holiday dining around this stunning Pendleton inspired dining room table hand crafted by  The Painted Pinto.  No other dining will bring warmth and the look of tradition to your family dinners like our one of a kind furniture.  This is truly Western decor at it finest and will be the focal point of any Ranch or Southwestern home.

This beautiful one of a kind heirloom dining room set with seating for eight, it has all the halmarks of past dinners while proudly displaying all the vibrant and luxurious upholsetery of genuine Pendletion Woolen Mill fabrics, Buffalo hide and Shearling hide backs, with Brindle cowhide seats.   Seating for eight, leaving no one out of the holiday celebrations.

Measurements:  100" x 44" ( including 18' center )



Natural materials such as hides might have imperfections that would have been acquired during the animals life.

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