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The Painted Pinto

The Painted Pinto Artistic Design & Inspirational Journey Membership

The Painted Pinto Artistic Design & Inspirational Journey Membership

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There comes a time in your artistic journey that you become confident in your creativity and you are ready to share it with fellow creatives, and I feel my time is now.  

A little over three years ago I was put on a path that I had no knowledge or understanding of and quite frankly didn't know what I was doing in the world of furniture art. I did a lot of praying and soul searching and decided after years in the transportation industry I needed a change and felt creating was my new career path.

This journey has been nothing short of miraculous but it did take lots of dedication and planning to become a successful business. I've taken The Painted Pinto, an exclusively online business with no brick-n-mortar, to a successful business  It has evolved from creating one piece and waiting sometimes for what seemed an eternity for a sale,  to designing complete homes to scheduling out orders with a waiting list of six to eight months on production giving me a vision of future income. I went from selling my one-of-a-kind pieces for $$ to $$$$$, I now cater to individuals who appreciate fine Western & Native American home decor to celebrities with million dollar homes.  Each client is treated with the same love and respect with a thoughtful plan on designing their dream statement piece to creating a warm and exclusive home.

How many of you are stuck and need inspiration on finding your path? If so let's see if The Painted Pinto can help! This private group will be your sanctuary for learning and positive inspiration. You will learn new and creative designs along with how to maximize your profits and create a valuable work schedule that will allow you step away for much needed rest and reflection.

Some of the things that I pride myself on is design, staging, marketing, shipping, sourcing and so much more. You know...! you've been following me.

We will do live in shop design, rebuilds, techniques in painting, decoupage and upholstery. Also we will do live "Sit Downs" for question and answers along with "Soul Searching," I think it's important to ask yourself why and where.

This membership will be supported through Facebook to MEMBERS ONLY with LIMITED members, so I encourage you to not wait to enroll.  We will go live on May 1st, 2023 and you will get an invite to the private group "The Painted Pinto Artistic Design & Inspirational Journey" prior to that start date.

Membership is automatically renewed.  Please make sure I have your correct email address and Facebook link is helpful. There are no refunds on memberships and it will be set up as recurring payment..

I can't wait to share all my knowledge and love with each one of you.

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