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The Painted Pinto

Picasso Desk & Chair

Picasso Desk & Chair

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PICASSO - one-of-a-kind iron handpaiinted desk was passionately created to reflect the heart and soul of the most well know wild stallion in America Picasso.   This set will bring passion and drive to be the boss and concour your challenges.   

Handpainted desk with Pendleton blotter along with braided leather trim and magnificent concho supports as risers for glass top.  The foundation of this desk is four iron steeds.  The vintage office chair has been completely reconditioned and adorned with Pendleton, sheepskin and a very uniquely patterned cowhide back.  

 If you are interested in further details please contact The Painted Pinto referencing this item specifically.  Shipping is additional white glove and the expense of the client.  We are happy to help arrange.  Local pickups are welcome!

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