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The Painted Pinto

One On One Mentoring

One On One Mentoring

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As the artist of The Painted Pinto I offer a four hour consulting to help you build stronger and more creative painting and/or upholstery skills.  My belief is true artistry is within and your unique style can not be exactly duplicated but it can inspire the artistic abilities of other artist.

In this four hour course you will receive a consultation in the first hour that will help us clearly focus on the strength and weakness of you creativity.  This will be followed by three one hour consults with each hour you as an artist will gaini knowledge that you will work to build up on before your next consultation.   

This course is meant to be completed within a 30 day time frame so that both you and I can complete the project in a timely manner.  I allow one rescheduling of consultation understanding due to life events.  There are no refunds and balance is to be paid upfront prior to starting your visionary quest.

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